Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Web aesthetics and Responsiveness are two critical determinants of the future of your online presence. The attractiveness of a website, designed by website design agency topped with faultless usability helps in winning the trust of prospective clients while propelling them towards developing sure-shot purchase motivation.

There are basically 5 core components of a bullet proof website that will cater to your brand image and business goals infallibly. An agile website development company knows exactly how to achieve the right mix for a functional website. 

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Website Aesthetics

Everything from the color scheme to banners, logos, images and page structure needs to be appealing to the visitors. The idea is to motivate them to navigate more through the website while getting exposed to audio visual data presentation for enhanced retention of information.  A full service website design and development service provider like us is adept in making visually appealing websites.


Since web content is no longer restricted to text content and includes a lot of graphics, videos, 2D animations, images etc. the load speed of the site can slow down drastically. Slow loading pages invariably cause visitors to bounce. Proper speed optimization can prevent this unfavorable situation.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, people carry their world in their phones. Therefore, your website needs to be compatible with literally all forms of common mobile devices and operating systems that your information can be accessed by any and every prospective client, all times from all over the world.

Site Usability

This primarily means that your website should be able to address all the questions visitors may have about your company, services and more without having to try too hard. This is a powerful means to capture and retain the interest of clients in-the-making. The services  of a business consultancy will aid you in designing the best website in your category.

and Maintenance

Each and every web page should be 100% operational at all times. This can be done with regular maintenance and updates that are in tune with on-going search engine trends.

At Two Cents Consulting, we have mastered each of these components to give you a well designed UI/UX, bullet proof website that can drive, retain and convert customers seamlessly.

Why Do You Need A Well-Designed Website?

A professionally designed website is blessed with numerous advantages. The core advantages that can take your business from rags to riches, include…

Our Approach

Given the importance of web development, it is important that only trained professionals shoulder this responsibility. At Two Cents Consulting, we cater to the A to Z of your web development strategies focusing primarily on UI / UX Development, Mobile Optimization, Responsive Design creation, Speed Optimization,and SEO powered content.

As a well rounded website design and development company, we also built, WordPress, Shopify, and ecommerce website solutions. 







UI / UX Design

We are experts in handling all core UI components including, breadcrumbs, cards, carousel, drop downs, comments, feed, icon, form, input field, notifications, progress bars and more. Our UX solutions are also, all-inclusive with focus on core fields like discoverability, desirability, accessibility, credibility etc. The UI/UX development team has an in-depth understanding of the nuances of website development. 

Mobile Optimization

Our mobile optimization services are updated and far-fetched with special focus on fundamentals like UI/ UX development, SEO optimized content creation, implementation of schema markup, image / flash optimization, mobile page speed optimization and more. We use some of the most updated tools and software to deliver world class results.

Responsive Design

Our solutions for responsive web design allows you to lower your overall website maintenance efforts and costs while enhancing user maintenance like never before. Our services boost your SEO performance as well.

Website Speed Optimization

From improved website hosting to image optimization, database optimization, detection and correction of 404 errors, plug-in management and more, we have the tools and experience to enhance and maintain your website speed to near infallibility.

Why Choose Two Cents Consulting

At Two Cents Consulting, our web development services are backed by a team of highly trained and experienced experts that have a long history of exemplary performance in this field.

This primarily means that your website should be able to address all the questions visitors may have about your company, services and more without having to try too hard. This is a powerful means to capture and retain the interest of clients in-the-making.

We also ensure using the most updated tools and strategies that are assured to deliver desired outcomes at optimum prices. Our web development solutions are all encompassing and can be customized to suit your individual preferences

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