Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Every time you look around, you are being marketed to. You may or may not realise this, but it is constantly, sometimes very subtly happening. And this is not possible without content. 

An age-old adage that we have been listening to forever is ‘Content is Always King’. But we have to also remember that “Context is the Queen.” And what is the king without his queen? Two Cents Consulting understands this and we are adept at keeping both the king and queen together and happy. We are masters of curating relevant, well-designed, and optimized content for you and your patrons.

Content Marketing

We will tell you we are the best Digital Content Marketing Agency. But you will have to see it to believe it.

We ensure that:

Our team is a mixed bag of qualified, experienced, motivated, and creative content strategists that have years of functional experience in core content marketing fields. Some of our core areas of expertise include:

Video marketing

Blogs, Articles and Case studies



2D Animations

We are fans of processes. We have always believed that processes work. For developing content as well we follow a process.

Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy helps in defining your goals and in setting priorities. It facilitates identifying your audience’s pain points while building content that helps attract, engage, and build trust among them. A great content marketing strategy ensures that marketing efforts can be monetized.

Content Development

A content calendar is crucial to keep your content marketing efforts organized and for us to keep track. With our content writing services, we draw an actionable plan for you and create shareable content that resonates with your brand voice. And we love customization as much as you do.

Content Creation

Once the content plan is in place, our in-house team of experienced content creation service providers ensures that your content demands are met. We help create value-rich content that aligns with the brand message for every stage of your marketing funnel. Blogs, online guides, videos, infographics - you name it, and we have it!

Content Optimization

In the era of competitiveness, optimizing content is of utmost importance to reach the right audience. We help create strategies that deliver actual, metric-based results. Our SEO strategies are industry specific to help you rank better across search engines. As a Digital Content Marketing Agency, leave the website, blog traffic, and leads to us.

Content Analysis

To develop the best content solutions, it is essential to study the brand, its competitor, and the industry to understand what would work best for the brand. Conducting a thorough content audit to analyze and identify gaps in the current content strategy is our core strength. This allows us to restructure content for our clients and ensure that the right content is put across on the right channels and for the right audience.

Content Promotion

The channel you pick to promote your content is vital. We ensure that your content is distributed to the online channels that are the most relevant to your audience. We do this with the help of our extensive network of industry experts and influencers. We ensure that the message, with its intent, is duly delivered through the most suitable medium.

Content Reporting

Executing the content strategy is one part of the process. It is also essential to understand how the content is performing. Every month, we provide our clients with an easy-to-understand content report, highlighting the performance of the content for their bottom line. This helps keep a tab of what is working well for the brand and plan for the future.

SEO-friendly Content

SEO-optimisation is about creating high-quality, engaging content that appeals to search engines and your readers. It is like a secret recipe that helps captivate your audience and the google crawlers too while increasing your online visibility. The possibilities that information filled SEO-optimized blogs hold for your business are immense. 

TCC helps you create SEO-friendly content, employing both words and images. You don’t have to worry about losing your content in the vast abyss of the internet. If you hold hands with us, we promise to keep you afloat

Press Release

A Press Release is an important instrument that represents your brand and its image. It is not a mere news article but has to be seen as an essential tool that has to be curated with caution. And a company offering Professional Press Release Writing Services like ours is your best bet. The brand, its consistency, reputation, and intention – all have to be carefully relayed through the Press Release which we understand.  


Newsletters are a vital communication tool. Relaying important information and updates to your audience generates awareness and improves engagement. 

At TCC, we understand this and our team offers professional newsletter writing services that create newsletters that stand out in a crowded inbox and leave a lasting impression. Whether it is carefully crafted email campaigns or tested subject lines, our team of creative experts does it all. 

Ad Copywriting

Ad copy is one of the most vital aspects of advertising. The visuals are important, but the message is what calls on the people to act. A carefully crafted ad copy is the best way to help your brand garner more clicks and sales while also increasing awareness. A straightforward, true-to-its-word ad copy with the right CTA placement is a recipe for success. 

With our team of creative and witty copywriters, we do all the aforementioned and help develop the perfect ad copy, conveying the right message for your brand.


Your inbox can be an overcrowded place. With multiple brands vying for attention, making fun yet informative emailers have become the hour’s need. Emailers are one the most effective and accessible mediums for cultivating audience retention and loyalty. 

Our team of creative heads at TCC help create unique emailers that bring a smile to your audience’s face. Whether it is a new product launch, an upcoming event, or simply a message to keep in touch with them, we ensure that your subscribers keep coming back for more. 

Website Content

Your website is like a book telling your brand’s story. It is an important medium to capture your audience’s attention and make them want to come back for more. All elements in your website – whether it is the design, the layout, the navigation, or the CTAs should be potent enough to convince your visitor that your brand is the solution they have been looking for.  

Our team of website content specialists will ensure that your website makes your patrons go wow

Technical Content

echnical writing is not a feat for the faint-hearted. Through technical writing, brands can comprehensively convey complex information. It helps connect with the audience and improves the credibility of your company.  


Our tech-savvy wordsmiths can help your brand drive traffic.

As a content creation and marketing agency, we don our analyst glasses to track performance metrics and KPIs of our content. From ideation to execution, from analysing to modification- TCC can do it all for you.  


Whitepapers are like a secret weapon for businesses. They are hidden gems that can help showcase your expertise in a particular subject and can establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

We at TCC are specialists in curating well-crafted whitepapers that would help your business stand out in the crowd. Our team of experts is skilled in both technical and non-technical writing. Moreover, we ensure that the content is presented in an engaging yet easy-to-understand way. 


Ebooks are a wonderful way of sharing ideas and information. Ebooks are a go-to educational resource, a good way for brands to stand out in the crowd. They can reach wider audiences, and their versatility is not bound by physical restrictions.

The Ebook experts at TCC are meticulous and ensure that the content is perfectly researched, designed, and placed in curating the ebook for you. We work towards ensuring that your ebooks look nice and perform the function it is supposed to.  

Blog Writing

A blog is a powerful marketing tool. They are the best tools to connect with your audience and establish expertise in your particular field.

Creating blogs is a meticulous process that professional blog writing experts understand and apply. Blogs help light that first spark of interest and induce action among your readers. Blogs are a good way to provide resources 

Our content writing agency is adept at researching, ideating, and executing to drive traffic through the most relevant organic and non-organic sources. 

Video Marketing

Ebooks are a wonderful way of sharing ideas and information. Ebooks are a go-to educational resource, a good way for brands to stand out in the crowd. They can reach wider audiences, and their versatility is not bound by physical restrictions.

The Ebook experts at TCC are meticulous and ensure that the content is perfectly researched, designed, and placed in curating the ebook for you. We work towards ensuring that your ebooks look nice and perform the function it is supposed to.  

Leaving the best for the last

Podcast Creation

Everyone is talking about Podcasts, then why shouldn’t we?

Podcasts are for people on the go. Aren’t we constantly traveling for our daily hustle? Why not use this time productively to engage your TG in a thoughtfully curated podcast? 

In today’s digital age, content reigns supreme. The importance of great storytelling and valuable information cannot be underestimated. A Digital Content Marketing Agency is all about creating and sharing engaging and informative content that stops your TG from scrolling away. We attempt to provide a delightful experience through the right amalgamation of content and humor to grab some eyeballs.  

Remember that your content will impact your business. Your content is an extension of your company –


As a digital marketing agency, TCC can be your smartest partner on all fronts. We understand it is all about money, honey, hence our strategies are ROI-focused and result-oriented approach

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