Are You Ready For Marketing In Web 3.0?

Marketing in Web 3.0

The Internet is constantly in flux, often making standard digital marketing practices difficult. Trends are continually changing and continuously evolving, leaving us marketers to pick up the pieces and figure out – what works. Before Instagram and YouTube Shorts provided brands with new and exciting ways to connect with the world, we made commercials and […]

Marketing And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of bringing transformation to almost every business and Marketing, in particular, will undergo major upheaval from AI sooner rather than later. At the stratospheric level, it’s all about using AI to influence more direct exchanges between brands and customers, with the push being on faster, smarter responses to […]

Why Is Programmatic The Future Of Advertising?

Up until two years ago, the effort for advertising on digital channels was on discovering the correct match between appropriate websites and important ads to reach the identified target audience. However, recently, this tactic on digital advertising has taken a diverse route.   Now imagine a scenario where every dollar/pound/euro/rupee that you spend in advertising is […]

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