Indian Fintech

About The Client

Indian fintech company providing no-frills bank accounts with facilities of deposit, withdrawal, and remittance services through mobile banking.


In 2020, when the entire country went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it forced citizens to stay at home to avoid exposure to the infection. Cash withdrawal from ATMs or bank branches was a huge challenge for senior citizens and families that could not go to an ATM or bank branch due to various reasons.

The client identified this as a market opportunity for allowing its existing network of

merchants to provide cash services to citizens at large. They developed a consumer-facing app that allowed any citizen with a bank account to withdraw cash from the comfort of their home. The client’s partner merchant would service the cash requirement after necessary account verification security checks.

Two Cents Consulting (TCC) was approached to provide a marketing strategy along with execution.

Business Requirement

  1. To design an awareness campaign using various digital channels
  2. Target KRA and KPI were 500,000 app registrations in 180 days.

Solution Implemented

TCC defined the Target Audience for the client. For executing the campaign across various digital and social media platforms, TCC bought and delivered media space on behalf of the client across:

1. Social media platforms

2. Apps in the category of

a. Peer-to-peer payment

b. Financial services

c. News

d. Truecaller and

3.Digital media sites similar to the identified apps

Landing Pages and Creatives were done in five languages – English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Assamese. The content was search optimised content across all languages so that the prospective consumer had the option to read in a preferred language.

In addition to A/B testing, to make the campaign more effective, we used location-based targeting to specific user groups to drive traffic in cluster locations towards the client merchants and partners.

Benefits of Approach

We used a combination approach of performance and programmatic modes for delivering the ads to the Target Audience. The benefits were:

a. Programmatic advertising with location-based targeting increased ad recall by 36% and thereby the brand awareness for the client App

i. This improved the probability of conversions and effective advertising.

ii. RoI was improved as there was an increase of 50% of app downloads which led to improved efficiency for the campaign.

iii. Smartphone users using specific apps and living in cluster locations that were geographically close to the client merchants and partners were targeted.

iv. Location-based targeting allowed us to target different zones within a city to monitor the performance of various merchants and it added immense value to A/B testing.

b. We used display advertising as it is easy, fast and a game-changer. By using visually appealing ads, we incorporated graphics, video, audio and the company’s branding to ensure overall campaign branding.

c. Finally, the traffic from the website or the landing page was remarketed across social media platforms.

Business Impact

1. The campaign targeted only Android devices as the app was for only the Android platform.

a. The total audience size in India for Android is 130 million devices. The campaign reached 61 million devices in the identified cities after adjusting for duplicates and 4.52 million smartphone users clicked on the ads (CTR – 7.4%).

2. The campaign targeted 500,000 app downloads to be achieved in 180 days

a. Due to increased efficiency and campaign design, the target was achieved in 142 days (production efficiency – 21.1%)
b. The cost per installation for the campaign was ₹19.86 against their traditional acquisition cost of ₹60. (Cost efficiency – 66.9%)

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