The Most Effective Way To Create Brand Recall!

Most Effective Way To Create Brand Recall 1

How Does Content Writing Help Achieve This Objective? Today’s world is dominated by content. In a popular phrase,‘Content is King’ is it true? Well, Content is truly king, only if it has context going alongside it.  This is true, especially with the increase in global consumption of online information. It has become integral for every […]

Targeted Marketing – Two Sides To This Coin

Marketing to specific groups of customers, or Targeted Marketing is one of the most key models in marketing. Marketers, over years, have identified who their customers are and directed their energies at influencing their buying decisions. That is their job! Content has disrupted our world in multiple ways. No longer do mass marketing techniques and […]

Are You Leaving Money On The Table With Untargeted Marketing?

Today, the marketer’s realm is more chaotic than ever, with a new digital choice nudging its way into the space ostensibly every day. Marketers chasing to capture their customers’ and prospects’ attention and loyalty can face the proverbial challenge of excessive good things. The most seasoned of professionals can be overwhelmed in guiding marketing campaigns. […]

Why Should I Curate Content?

Content curation gathers, picks, classifies, remarks on, and presents the most relevant, highest-quality information to meet the brand’s audience’s needs on a particular subject. In my last blog on content curation, I mentioned that content curation cannot be the pivot of any content marketing strategy. However, I also stressed the importance of content curation playing an important […]

How Is Content Curation Relevant To Lead Nurturing?

The concept of content marketing is not novel, however it has undoubtedly spread like wildfire. While the awareness and application of content marketing continue to rise, the need for content curation becomes even more apparent. When a brand or marketing person begins any content marketing initiative, they’ll quickly recognize how difficult it is to churn […]

What Happens To Marketing In The Time Of COVID-19?

In the past few weeks, globally more and more people are staying at home due to the COVID-19 infection. While a lot of them are working from their homes, it is obvious that most of them have plenty of time to consume content. It is not just the quantum of consumption that has increased, the […]

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