Jabra Connect (JC)

About The Client

Jabra Connect (JC) is a partnership between GN Netcom and INNOVA, offering audio and video solutions to both business and consumer markets in India. The company aims to simplify voice services with a dependable, high-quality solution, designed to offer a personalized experience tailored to individual needs


JC was targeting resellers and dealers to promote and sell their audio & video products to their customers. They wanted to add more resellers to their portfolio. In 2021, they added 100 resellers in the year.

JC also wanted to push into the Healthcare, Telecom customer service centres, and third-party BPOs. Their competition was selling twice the volume being sold by JC.

Finally, they wanted to increase their customer base in the retail division by sending the customers to purchase from their online shop and not depend on third-party aggregators or eCommerce portals.

Business Requirement

• Increase the number of resellers annually

• Leads in Healthcare, Telecom, and ITES industries

• Increase retail customers buying from their own online shop

Solution Implemented

• Pay-per-click ads taking into consideration all types of features like- industry-specific keywords, generic keywords, product name keywords, brand keywords, and negative keywords Ads

• Also did display ads, product listing ads, and banner ads for the client

Business Impact

• In a 6-month campaign TCC added 450 dealers which are 9 times more than their annual dealer acquisition rate. • In retail (eCommerce) for every one rupee of ad spent TCC got them five times revenue ROAS of 5x.

Business Impact

1. The campaign targeted only Android devices as the app was for only the Android platform.

a. The total audience size in India for Android is 130 million devices. The campaign reached 61 million devices in the identified cities after adjusting for duplicates and 4.52 million smartphone users clicked on the ads (CTR – 7.4%).

2. The campaign targeted 500,000 app downloads to be achieved in 180 days

a. Due to increased efficiency and campaign design, the target was achieved in 142 days (production efficiency – 21.1%)
b. The cost per installation for the campaign was ₹19.86 against their traditional acquisition cost of ₹60. (Cost efficiency – 66.9%)

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