Jabra Connect 2.0

About The Client

Jabra Connect is a joint venture between GN Netcom and INNOVA. The company provides audio and video solutions to both B2B and B2C segments in India. They strive to simplify voice services with a reliable, high-quality solution, which is envisioned to provide a personalized experience aligned with needs.


Jabra has offices across different locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. The company wanted to consolidate all of its employees into a single location in Gurgaon and to introduce internal branding to its employees, including having its vision, mission, and values on office walls and products.

The client wanted the office to serve as a display for some of their products by creating a showroom experience for clients to walk through on their way to the office.

The infrastructure was ready and the launch date had been scheduled. The client contacted us three weeks before the launch for internal branding.

Business Requirement

We successfully managed a unique internal branding project remotely, despite being in a different city than our client. We completed the project in record time.

Solution Implemented

On the basis of photographs, videos, and dimensions we created the entire concept for the office. Once the concept was approved we did the designs as per the dimensions.
The entire project was completed within three weeks, allowing them to print and display.

Business Impact

We developed our approach based on the photographs and videos provided by the client. Our clients were pleased with our work and praised us for bringing their vision to life through our designs.

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