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Brand differentiation

Brands Must Stand Out, Not Only By Being Different But Also Authentic. In today’s increasingly competitive market, a brand’s positioning must be refined to the clearest possible message to garner the attention of its target market.

For a company to be considered as a viable player in the market, a compelling and coherent opinion can create differentiation and deliver sustainable competitive advantage. An opinion is better than any specific product or service: it is your purpose, your conviction, your why. It is the prism through which you communicate to all audiences.


Brand launch

s All About Introducing Your Brand Or Even Re-Branding It to the market. Brand Launch is the process of creating a professional services brand where none currently exists.

Since you are starting from scratch, you have a unique opportunity to choose how you wish to position your firm in the marketplace, which clients you want to serve, and what services you will provide to them. It is the perfect time to develop a compelling value proposition.

Can your brand cast a positive aura over the new offering, or could building an independent brand work best?


Customer Experience

It Is The Impression Your Customer Has Of Your Brand. Digital customers of this era expect a hyper-connected and instinctive experience in all interactions. As a market strategy, brands are adeptly replicating successful business models to acquire customers by curating compelling and memorable brand experiences.

TCC’s design practice is at the forefront of enabling brands from different industries to curate, measure and deliver compelling experiences for the digital world, leveraging design thinking and participatory design principles.


Market Expansion

A Strategy That Helps Companies Grow When They Have Already Expanded. What got you here won’t necessarily get you there.

To enter a new region, geography, industry vertical, or new offering, you must first establish whether your current brand will resonate with a new audience, and can stretch to move your organisation ahead without diluting your current brand equity.


Merger & Acquisition Branding

Auditing The Identity Of Each Company And Finding Distinct Sticking Points Where The Companies Can Link Together. As companies grow, they evolve.

Investments in growth must be reinforced by a matching commitment to your brand. Fusing your brand at these critical inflection points will ensure that you amplify your investment value, building a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.


Sales Team Empowerment

Empowering Your Talent To Keep Them Around And Leverage These Assets.Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales have traditionally been two different beasts, relying on two distinct sets of fundamentals and best practices.

Your brand is born in the boardroom but comes to life in the field. Empowering your sales team doesn’t mean you just assign them a quota and turn them loose to deliver. It’s fundamental to empower your sales force with the most potent tools to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you’re better than the competition – with clarity and consistency at every touchpoint.


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