About us

The shared goal with the clients is to interact with customers, influence prospects, rally employees, and encourage investors. We’re not saying it’s easy, we’re saying we know how to make it easy for you.

For that, we have just the right amount of writers, designers, programmers, strategists, marketers, and experienced creators who love to do what they do. To simply answer the question, why TCC? Because we’re good at giving our two cents and also following through.

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12 years



Our team

125 people


Two Cents Consulting was born to fulfill the need for result-oriented marketing and business strategy in the market.

2017 - Take Off ...

Started from the ground up, TCC was all about consulting businesses with growth and marketing.

2018 - Happy Birthday ...

TCC became a legal entity. Send cake and best wishes on 7th June.

2019 - It’s raining money ...

For our clients! Since now on, TCC stepped into investment advisory and helped clients regarding funding too.

2020 - Ouch!! ...

Omg, wth, brb. On the brighter end, so far TCC had attained clients from various sectors such as banking, health, fintech, telecom, retail, travel, and telemarketing from USA, UK and India.

2021 - Take off part 2 ...

TCC opened its wings to the execution process. So now we consult, plan AND execute!


We Are Strategists, Writers, Designers, Marketers, Programmers, And Experience Creators.